People Should Change Their Perception toward Bisexual Couples

There are two types of bisexual couples. The first may enjoy their relationship with confidence while the second one will keep it secret from the society. What makes bisexuals hiding their identity? Most of the people are denying the existence of bisexuals for some reasons. The phenomenon such as bi-phobia does exist! Due to this reason, people really need to change their perception toward bisexuality. The major problem is the denial. People persist that bisexuals don’t exist. They don’t accept those who love both genders equally. With or without the acceptance from the society, bisexuals do exist. Those who are bisexual need to be stronger to face the public’s denial, too.

The Bias of Bisexuality

Some people also consider bisexuals are just confused with their sexual preferences. They think they will pass through this phase. However, bisexuality has the same scale as both straight and gay. It’s a category. It’s not a stepping stone to determine a sexual preference, in fact. It’s the final destination instead. Next, most people also consider bisexuality as greedy in the terms of sexual aspect. This is wrong in many ways. Just because bisexuals are interested in both sexes doesn’t mean they will get both of them at once. Being bisexual doesn’t make someone greedy. This is something that people must know.

The next common perception toward bisexual couples is the loyalty. People consider them as cheaters and disloyal creatures. Well, all people have the potential in cheating. The bottom line is that a gender identity doesn’t determine whether or not people might cheat. Being bisexual also doesn’t determine someone’s commitment. A wrong assumption toward bisexual people is that they are scared of vow in a relationship. Actually, a gender identity is nothing to do with a commitment. There are many couples with bisexuality that have a long-lasting and healthy relationship, in fact.

Bisexuals Need to Face the Reality

In a nutshell, bisexuals often become the victims of bias from others who have different sexual preferences. The problem becomes worse when it comes to the workplace. Bisexuals will hide their status as they need to get accepted in the place where they work. This will cause the degradation of self-confidence, actually. If ignored, people with bisexuality may suffer worse problems over time. These days, many employers have enacted some efforts to promote understanding among the employee regardless the sexual preference. The purpose is to eradicate the invisible community in the workplace. Being bisexual forces someone to avoid the social interaction in the real life. This is due to the denial against bisexuality.

In a nutshell, bisexual couples will face many challenges either in social or workplace life. This is due to the wrong perception by the people toward bisexuals. If left ignored, they will withdraw from the reality and make their own community. The purpose is to get accepted by people who have many similarities. It isn’t easy to change the bias toward bisexual people. However, it can start right away.  People only need to have better understanding and acceptance. After all, there have been many LGBT communities that may support bisexual people.

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